Pacto Verde/Itun Berdea

Industrias Dimo

Maestros del recubrimiento

Since 1973 we have been working to the highest quality standards to offer the best zinc-coating, zinc-nickel plating and cataphoresis treatments on the market.


  • 1973: Foundation and inauguration of the Betoño plant
  • 1989: Start-up of the first Cataphoresis facility
  • 1992: Elimination of cyanide from our processes
  • 2000: ISO:9002 Certificate
  • 2001: Inauguration of the Júndiz plant
  • 2006: Start-up of the first zinc-nickel plating facility
  • 2008: Granted Integrated Environmental Authorization
  • 2009: ISO14001 Certificate
  • 2014: ISO TS Certificate