Sectors to which the process is directed: automobile industry, construction, wharves, bicycles, signage, domestic electrical appliances, etc.

Type-approvals: these are functional coatings that guarantee specific conditions of adherence, appearance, micronage, resistance to corrosion and thermal shock. Apart from its functional aspect, cataphoresis also results in an attractive appearance.

Control measures:

  • 2 Fischer X-ray machines for measuring thicknesses.
  • 2 salt spray chambers for accelerated corrosion testing in line with DIN 50.021.
  • 1 humidity chamber for accelerated humidity testing in line with DIN 50.017.
  • 1 Kesternich chamber for accelerated industrial environment testing in line with DIN 50.018.
  • 6 Fischer magnetic thickness gauges for measuring microns.
  • 2 full laboratories for chemical control of the production process.