Accessibility policy

The Industrias Dimo web site is firmly commited with the accesibility on the web and wishes his contents to come to the biggest number of users, independently of his condition. For that it uses technologies standard established by the W3C and follows the accesibility guidelines

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility is the access to web, regardless of hardware, software, connection, language, culture and individual capacities. Inside the recomendations for a suitable web accessibility there are provided methods that well used make a more satisfactory navigation
More information about web accessibility

How can I guide?

The navigation menu with the main sections it is placed at the botton. Moreover from all the pages you have access to sitemap from the end of this menu, where following the structure of the website, are listed all the sections that you can access

Can I change the text size?

The website does not use an absolute font size, but has defined relative sizes that allow to the user to modify them according to needs, using the options that come with his favorite navigator

Keyboard shortcuts:

The web site www.industriasdimo.com contains keyboard shortcuts to streamline navigation for his contents.
To use these shortcuts, is used a key combination that is different depending on to the navigator and the operating system you are using

Internet Explorer 4.0
Navigators based in Gecko (Mozilla Firefox, Flock, K-Meleon, Camino, Netscape, Epiphany, Galeon, SeaMonkey, IceWeasel, Minimo, etc.)
ALT + Key of shortcut keyboard
Internet Explorer 5 or higher
ALT + Key of shortcut keyboard + ENTER
Capital letters + ESC to activate the shortcuts
Ctrl to activate the shortcuts
In the operating system MacOS
Ctrl + key of shortcut keyboard

Key and section corresponding to the shortcut keyboard